Easy Way to Get Someone’s IP from Discord

There are many times when you want to get someone’s IP address on the discord platform but you do not know how you can get it. Most users of discord think that discord hosts their servers themselves and hence it is impossible to get a person’s ID from this platform. 

Let us tell you that it is not true, and it is pretty much possible to get someone’s IP address on discord using some ways, and in this blog we are going to tell you how to get someone’s IP on discord so that you can use these ways. 

So, if you are also one of the users who wish to know ways using which you can get an IP address on discord then you must stick with this blog till the last line. 

Ways to Get Someone’s IP on Discord 

No. 1 – Using discord IP grabber 

There is IP grabbers which can help you track or find an IP address, let us begin to know how you can get an IP address using grabber discord mobile. 

You are required to get a person’s URL and then create a URL and as soon as you do so you will have a working address which you need to give to your user to get their IP address. 

No. 2 – Using Discord IP Resolver 

For this, you first need to get your user ID and should join any server on discord, and then type \@yourusername. 

After this, you will get your user Id which you have to copy and proceed ahead where you have to turn on developer mode from the settings option. 

Now, copy the ID of another user and get the IP address as soon as you paste the Id of the user and tap on the resolve button. 

No. 3 – Using wire Shark to get the discord IP 

To know how to get someone’s IP through discord you can use the wire shark tool so let us know how you can use this tool. 

Initially, you need to download wire shark on your device from its website and then install it once the download is finished. 

Now, you can explore the tracking functions of this app and then login into discord following which you are required to look for discord packages. 

Enter the username of the person whose IP you want in the search bar you will very easily get their IP. 

Then, you know that there are ways available for you using which you can get the IP address of any user you want on discord so, you can use any of these ways which is suitable for you. 

If you wish to learn more about discord or about features of discord then you can anytime have a look at the website Onlinegeeks on your device so that you can enhance your knowledge about discord. 

Since it is a simple and straightforward website you will not find it difficult to use it or look around to find the information which you require.

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