What are the different types of physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is the treatment provided to people who need therapies for movement or mobility. Natural mobility can be disrupted for various reasons.

Old-age people have issues with flexibility and mobility. As they grow older, it turns complicated, so to reduce the pain and increase the movements of the body, they need massage and therapy. Athletes also need professionals who can treat them if they face any injury. It may be while playing or practicing sports they always need a therapist for first aid and immediate treatments.

All of these problems can be reduced and treated by physiotherapy and there are multiple types of it. basically, the types are divided based on the requirements in one’s body…

Neurological type of physiotherapy


Patients suffering from extreme muscle pains witness lead neurological therapy apart, from it the neurological problems include reduced sensation loss in balance and coordination.

Neurological physiotherapy is in which patients require therapy to improve their neurological disorders.

The problems may occur due to injuries or any disease. It is a functional disorder that is a problem related to movements and mobility. Physiotherapy aims to improve functions by increasing smooth and painless movement. This type of problem and treatment is related to the brain and the nervous system.

Orthopedic type of physiotherapy

Physiotherapist Also work with orthopedic disorders, which include problems related to the bones, joints, and ligaments. People suffering due to bone injuries also need the help of Orthopaedic physiotherapy.

It is basically to treat the pain and skeletal injuries that may be due to any existence or health problems. The specialized professional work in recovering from deformities related to joints, ligaments or tendons.

It helps in improving body movements and enables walking reducing pains through massages and therapy.

Cardiopulmonary type of physiotherapy

For the treatment of cardio-related problems, cardiopulmonary therapists are expertise. It is the treatment for patients suffering from cardiac arrest or severe pulmonary diseases.

This kind of physiotherapy treatment is carried out in healthcare centers and rehabs. Different therapies and techniques are there to train the patients to lead healthy lives. The treatment begins with therapies, and later with the improvement of health, they are trained with exercises to lead a healthy life.

To treat cardiopulmonary patients, one needs to be an expert of in the field.

Pediatric type of physiotherapy

It is one of the essential professions, specifically for the treatment of kids and children. Kids may suffer from health issues since birth. Also, there might be some injuries caused to your child.

Well, it can also be recovered through physiotherapy sessions. The pediatric therapist use exercises and therapies to work on treating kids with injuries. There may be genetic causes leading to defects or any problems in movement or flexibility. The expert provides treatments in form of exercises and therapies. It is to improve the strength of the body parts.

Geriatric type of physiotherapy


Geriatric therapy is associated with old people or senior citizens. People suffer from various mobility problems as they age. The specialists can work on providing treatment based on these issues. Specifically, work for elderly groups, and treat problems, like pain in the joints and osteoporosis.

Elderly people often have problems with restricted movement, it is due to the pain in the joints. By applying the therapies and treatments the patients can gain the ability to improve their movements. They also work to reduce pain through the process of exercises and other techniques or therapies.


Physiotherapy treatment uses different modes or facilities to treat patients. It can be through manual therapies or devices that work on intense health problems.