What Are The Different Types Of Sleep Apnoea?

Sleeping apnoea is a serious health problem that needs instant care and treatment. It is a disease in which a person is unable to have proper sleep and consume the right amount of oxygen that the body requires. They snore loud, and even after long hours of sleep they feel tired or exhausted. The problem can be seen in mid-age to old age groups. Immediate attention is necessary to avoid any severe heart diseases or other health problems. 

Different problems that need sleep apnoea treatment; what are the causes of apnoea?

Sleep apnoea can be differentiated into three types, they are obstructive, central, and mixed. These are due to the causes of the blockages of the airways or obstruction to the breathing passage. 

Obstructive sleep 

It is associated with the breathing problem when the air cannot move freely through the airway. The tissues and the muscles around relax leading to interrupting the oxygen movement. Recovering the breathing leads to disturbing the sleeping cycle, keeping a person awake until the air can pass freely. 

Central Sleep apnoea

It is a rare phenomena in the human body when people can shallow breathe while sleeping for long hours at night. Only one percent can suffer from central sleep apnoea. The cause is due to the communication breakdown of the brain and muscles. 

Mixed sleep apnoea

Though it is hardly observed but mild to severe the mixed symptoms of central and obstructive types are observed in a person. 

The kind of problem can only be observed after tests, and sleep apnoea treatment can be carried out accordingly. 

Sleep Apnoea
Sleep Apnoea

Is There Any Cure For Apnoea?

Once a person suffers from apnoea it is difficult to control or reduce the disease unless, it is treated on time. The disease is incurable, but the intensifying symptoms can be reduced or controlled. So, to avoid any severe impact of the disease, it is essential to undergo sleep apnoea treatment.

You need to get rid of deprsssions and anxiety. You should also avoid over working to stay energetic even at the end of the day.. Above all, improve their sleep by controls over their breathing issues while sleeping. 

What Are The Signs Of Apnoea?

Signs of apnoea can be easily detected at the early stages. Often many people ignore the symptoms, but it may cause stress, tiredness, and health problems. So, identifying the early signs of apnoea is necessary. Some of the common problems are:

  • Loud snoring
  • Awakening having a dry mouth
  • Morning headache
  • Hypersomnia
  • Insomnia
  • Lack of attention while awake

What Are The Risks That One Can Suffer From?

Factors that can be observed and requires sleep apnoea treatment, as it is the effect of the disease are:

  • Excess weight

Not only it can cause obesity, but people who lack sleep and have breathing problems can experience excessive weight gain. The gain in weight and fat often are results of airway obstructions. 

  • Male

Compared to females, it is males who have a severe problem of apnoea. They need sleep apnoea treatment as they have the chance of suffering about two to three times more than females. 

  •  Genetic

Yes, if it is a genetic problem, the issues can be transmitted to other generations. So, at early signs, one should begin their treatments. 

  • Smoking

People who are chain smokers have higher chances of experiencing breathing issues while sleeping. They can feel stressed and tired with early morning fatigues. 

  • Nasal congestion

When there is nasal congestion, breathing oxygen through the airways is difficult. An increase in fat and cholesterol or any other issues in the nasal areas causes congestion. 

For better sleep at night, and a healthy life people suffering should undergo sleep apnoea treatment.  The treatment is not a vry expensive one but one needs to work on it with determination in order to eradicte or supress this consition.

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