What’s In A Colour? Filling Your House And Soul With Flair

When looking through Persian rug shops Melbourne, it’s easy to see the many vibrant colours.

Many Modern rugs Melbourne, are bought to go along with the style and decor of the home or a specific room.

For this reason, it’s great to know what each colour can do for mood and style — as well as how each colour is made for these handwoven and hand-dyed rugs.

Colours and moods

The colours we use in our home create different moods or feelings.

Red is commonly known to enhance hunger. It can also create a warm feeling — along with oranges and yellows.

Light shades of blue, pastel pinks and soft greens can create a calming feeling and add a soft ambience.

Adding pops of colour can create an invigorating feel to the room.

All natural dyes?

High quality Persian rugs found in rug shops Melbourne are hand-dyed using vegetable dyes. Read on to discover how various natural colours are made.

Years ago, a process called depleted dyes was discovered — they found that colours became weaker, and produced different hues, as more wool was dyed in a single dye pot.

This opened up a world of colours.


Red is made in two ways — using the madder plant roots or a cacti-eating cochineal insect.

Red made from the madder root develops the best reds. The roots are chopped up, then allowed to dry. After dried, they are ground down and liquefied. This creates a brick red to deeper crimson colour.

To make richer red tones, the cacti-eating cochineal insect is ground down, and the carminic acid from it is used.


The leaves from the indigo plant make this colour. The leaves are fermented, then indican can be extracted to make dye. The solution starts out amber in colour. The yarn gets soaked in the solution and dried in open air — it turns blue as it oxidizes.


The most common way to make yellow is with the Larkspur plant — the crushed leaves, stems, and flowers are boiled to make the dye. This produces a muted gold.

Saffron, pear leaves, almonds, and buckhorn berries also produce many shades of yellow.


Surprisingly, green is a colour that can’t be made naturally. It’s typically made by dipping the yarn in blue, then yellow dyes.


This colour is achieved using walnut hulls, Oakbart, or other nutshells. It can also be found naturally in sheep’s wool.


Dipping yarn previously dyed brown into the indigo dye two or three times creates this colour.

Another way to make black is to use dyes taken from Logwood trees of Central America or the West Indies.


Besides Saffron, Madder, and Weld — another way to make this colour is to use henna leaves that have been dried and milled; this makes a red-orange.

Now that you have a few tips to create moods in your home with colour and an idea of how they are made, go out and enjoy looking at all the modern rugs Melbourne.

Bring home a piece of personal happiness from a rug shops Melbourne.

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