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The ongoing war of Australia with India on the field is enough to sustain the excitement of cricket going in the midst of the fans who are awed. With the upcoming T20 series the excitement of the stadium is not limited for famous cricket. Are you missing the thrill of being in the front of the row and cheering for your favorite team when they score the perfect six?

It’s an overwhelming yes to all the enthusiastic cricket fans who would not miss out on experiencing the excitement of those unforgettable moments in the stadium , while shouting loudly for their team. If you’re among us, we be there with you. When we think of the word “cricket,” England can be considered the initial country that comes to mind. our minds. It’s known by its famous venues across the globe.

Top 5 Cricket Stadiums In England

Over the years, England has been the host for several of the famous cricket events of all time. cricket. With the upcoming test series, it’s clear that venues in England are set to once more be filled with excited fans screaming in the highest pitch of their voices. In order to ignite the sporty spirit in the tourists this list of the top 5 England arenas which are known for more than cricket.

1. Edgbaston

A home to The Warwickshire County Cricket Club, the Edgbaston stadium, also known as”the County Ground is second biggest cricket ground in the United Kingdom after the Lord’s. One of the most historic stadiums in England it is an often-used venue for one day internationals, tests matches, as well as Twenty20 internationals. It gained attention because it was the venue for the T20 finals in the domestic league for more than a full day, compared to other stadium. It was established in the year of 1886, the very first match in Warwickshire took place at MCC which was watched by a crowd of 3,000 during two consecutive days. Since then, the cricket field has been a witness to many historic events among them the site of Brian Lara’s record world record first-class score that was 501 runs not out. The famous cricket ground has seen a lot of improvement with time, including the construction of additional seating, and a rearranged downpour that is common to all the test-grounds across England that will allow you to take your time playing without worrying about the inconvenient rain.

Specification: The second largest ground for cricket in England.
Location: Birmingham, UK
was created in 1882
Capacity: 25,000 people
The stadium’s facts: Edgbaston was the venue for the epic match between Australia and England during the 2005 Ashes.

2. Ageas Bowl

Another famous cricket field in England The Ageas Bowl was initially called the Rose Bowl. The location is in the edge of Southampton the picturesque stadium is the perfect spot to sit back and enjoy an exciting game in the sunshine. Although the stadium is only 10 years old, regardless of that, it ranks high on the list of top venues in England. The home of Hampshire country club Hampshire Country Club, this stadium surpassed in the league following its inclusion as the most frequent fixture on the England white ball schedule as well as hosting the test match for the first time with Sri Lanka in 2011. The newcomer to the arena of cricket is recognized for its sleek circular field that is further enhanced by the traditional stands and pavilions. In my opinion, of all the cricket fields in England the one that is this is among the most popular. If you’re a sports fan and want to enjoy an enjoyable day and about, this one in the suburbs is the ideal spot for you.

Specialties: Houses a luxurious spa and hotel.
Location: West End, Hampshire
Created in 2001
Capacity: 15,000 (25,000 with seating for temporary use)
The stadium’s facts: A 171-bedroom Hilton hotel is opening at the stadium, which provides a spa and restaurant which allows guests to stay near the stadium.

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3. Headingley

Just a few minutes away from close to Headingley Rugby stadium This iconic stadium has served as the base for Leeds County Cricket Club Yorkshire County Cricket Club since the last 120 years. The epicenter of sporting events in Leeds the ground has witnessed some of the biggest cheers and life-changing moments in the cricket’s history. From the historic event of triple centuries scored by ‘the don the don’, Australia’s Sir Donald Bradman to the time that Yorkshire’s famous Geoffrey Boycott scored his 100th century, the stadium has been a witness to many of these important moments. Although the venue is recognized as the site of many famous cricket matches however, it’s not among the most picturesque spot to catch a match. However, to keep its loyal crowd happy the club has announced their “Headingley Master Plan” which will see a massive reconstruction project that will include the installation of permanent floodlight pylons as well as the renovation of the North-South stand , which will boost the capacity of the stadium up to 20,000 in the next 20 years.

Specialization: One of the most coveted cricket grounds.
Location: Headingley, Leeds
was created in 1890
Capacity: 17,500
The stadium’s facts: The stadium hosted its first concert in the year 2015 in which Ska group Madness played to 7,500 spectators.

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4. Lords

The list of the top venues for cricket in England can’t be complete without being mentioned Lord’s located in London. Lord’s is the most famous cricket ground in England. Often referred to as the cricket’s home the famous ground has been a top spot for a long time in the world cricket league. The stadium was named in honor of Lord Thomas whom was founder of Marylebone Cricket Club and the European Cricket Council. This famous cricket venue has played host to more than 100 test matches over the last more than 201 years. Lord’s is in which Graham Gooch became the first highest scorer of test runs at the venue with 2,015 runs. Meanwhile, the bowler Ian Botham made 69 wickets. Lord’s isn’t just famous for hosting of famous games, but its architectural beauty will amaze you. From the stunning Victorian building and the Honours board, and an Old Father Time weathervane, every part of the stadium is begging for an Instagram action.

Specification: Biggest cricket stadium in England
Location: London, UK
was created on: 1814
Capacity: 28,000
Information about the stadium: The stadium has been a fixture of the tradition of having lunch in Lord’s Tavern. Lord’s Tavern and enjoy a dinner from their famed British beef burgers during the very first test match of the summer.

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5. The Oval

Another striker from the xcricket league is the Oval Stadium in England is located in the south-east region. A home for members of the Surrey County Cricket Club, it was the first venue to host an International Test cricket match in 1880. In addition the stadium is also known as the site of the first representative game that was played between England and Scotland in 1870. Not to be forgotten the fact that this stadium been the site of the first FA Cup final. The most enduring memories of the stadium are as the site of the birth of Ashes immediately following the game was played in Australia in 1882. They defeated by seven runs in only two days. Following this event, a mock-obituary written by a newspaper for sports was the catalyst for the development the Ashes Urn. This is quite dramatic, isn’t is? In addition to these historic moments The stadium has also seen enormous changes that include the OCS stand that was built in 2005.

Specialization: Witnessed a multitude of historic events.
Location: Kennington, London, UK
was created at the time of: 1845
Capacity: 23,500
Facts about the stadium: The Oval stadium was the first stadium that had the first gas lamps , which were installed in 1889.


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