Why Is Sesame Oil Trusted By Parents?

From the parent’s point of view, giving an sesame oil massage to your baby is necessary. In India, it is a tradition to give your baby a regular massage because massage helps in the baby’s growth and development. Baby body massage has many health benefits and even provides loving & gentle communication between you & the baby.

According to medical research, a loving touch through massage helps your baby’s brain and emotional development. Sesame oil is called ’til’ in India, and this purest oil has been use for centuries. Parents said they use sesame oil for baby hair growth

This oil is used for cooking and is also known as a baby massage oil. There are two types of oil here, white & black, and let’s brief them. 

What is Black Sesame Oil? 

Black oil is known as dark, toast, and Asian oil. It’s rich in linoleic acid and has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It is also known to balance Vata dosha. Black oil is safe oil for baby massage. 

What is White Sesame Oil? 

The sesame seeds grow within the plant’s fruit, which pops open when ripe, scattering the seeds in the process. White sesame oil is mainly use for cooking purposes. 

Which Oil is Good for Baby Massage? 

Black oil is most recommended and used by parents. There are many benefits. Let’s check out the given list;

Strong Immunity

Sesame seeds boost babies’ immunity. So it’s good to provide strong immunity which can protect them from cough & cold. You can massage your baby’s sesame oil to keep them warm during winter.

Rich in Calcium 

Parents always want their children to grow strong & healthy. One of the best sources of calcium is sesame. For better bone development and general health, you can massage your baby with black oil regularly or add it to the baby’s food. However, massaging muscles with oil strengthens them. 

Better Hair Growth 

Applying on the scalp and regularly massaging it with black oil promotes hair growth and lustre. It is suitable for hair and improves scalp conditions due to its relaxing and warming properties.


Sesame oil has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties that fight against bacteria & fungi which can harm the skin.


Sesame oil can improve hair and skin, boost bone growth, reduce blood pressure and protect infant health. Of the two types of sesame oil black sesame oil for massage is always prefer. Little rituals deal with organic oils, and sweet sesame oil is one of them. Organic oil is also known as cold-pressed oil. The cold-press oil is an unrefined oil made with natural ingredients like plants, seeds, herbs, etc. 

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