Why Literature Review In A Dissertation Is Important?

Why is literature review so important in a dissertation? Well, readers will always prefer a deeper awareness of the existing corpus of information on the subject and it really helps researchers. It also aids in the identification of research gaps and the subsequent formulation of research topics. Researchers have the option to use the literature review to critically evaluate the depth of the research done by the student while synthesising it into a cohesive whole. For them, it helps in making sense of their research and better comprehending it.

It’s impossible to overstate the value of a good literature review in academic work. Research studies are doomed to fail without a thorough literature evaluation. An extensive assessment of all relevant existing research on a specific issue is the goal when conducting a literature review. Researchers can have a better grasp on the present status of their field’s knowledge and discover any research holes as a result. In case you’re not sure about this part, take online assignment help to get the job done without any hassle.

Benefits of a Literature Review in the Development of a Research Project

There can never be enough emphasis placed on the need of conducting a literature review while writing an academic paper on a specific subject. Research teams can better communicate when they can agree on the importance of certain topics. The researcher is also able to place his or her study in relation to what has already been discovered in the scientific community.

Clarification and emphasis on the research problem, improvement in research methods, expansion of subject knowledge and building on your results are the four primary goals of a literature review. Taking a closer look at the importance of literature review in research:

  1. For the theoretical framework to be identified, it is necessary to do a literature review

It’s important to determine the theoretical framework in the literature review because it gives the conceptual framework for the research. It clarifies the study’s logic and demonstrates how it relates to previous theories.

  1. Clarifying Research Questions is one of the main benefits of conducting a literature review. Researchers use literature reviews to help them establish clear and concise research questions. Researchers can establish well-defined research questions by reading widely about a topic.
  1. Helps To Evaluate The Quality Of Previous Research Through Literature Review

A literature review enables researchers to critically evaluate the quality of prior research on the subject matter. It allows them to evaluate the merits and limitations of past studies and decide whether to expand upon or replace them.

  1. Comparing different studies is made easier with a literature review in business post pandemic. In order to derive more accurate conclusions from the current body of data, researchers often conduct a literature review. For one thing, this helps explain why some questions have garnered more attention than others, as well as how different studies are linked to one another.
  1. A literature review provides context for the research study.

To set the stage for the research study that follows, the literature review shows how it relates to previous research. Most major concerns are laid out and explained properly in this book, as well as why they are vital. Using this framework, further research can be better understood by the reader, making it more effective.

  1. Literature review aids in the identification of issues

Using a literature review, researchers can better understand the current body of knowledge on their topic by spotting any flaws, concerns or disputes. This gives students the opportunity to address these issues in their study and to contribute new ideas and insights to the field.

  1. Literature review serves as a guide for future research.

A literature review can also serve as a roadmap for future research projects by providing a framework. For example, it highlights gaps in prior studies and offers information on areas that need more investigation.

  1. Researchers are able to save time by conducting a literature review.

Finding relevant studies can be done more quickly and efficiently through a well-executed literature review. It also allows them to focus on the most critical issues and minimise excessive duplication of effort. .

  1. New Research Methods Are Developed With The Help Of A Literature Review.

Research methods can be improved and new ones developed through a survey of existing literature. They may come up with new ways of looking at things if they read extensively about their subject matter.

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