How Can You Search YouTube Comments?

YouTube is a very famous video watching application that a lot of people use to watch free and unlimited videos and the platform has also allowed people to create their own channels so that they can gain followers and use the application as a means of earning. 

At the same time, there are also many people who want to search youtube comments for different reasons and that is why they look for methods and websites that will help them in looking for different comments that have been posted on YouTube comments. 

Websites to Look for YouTube Comments

There are different websites available on the internet that people can use when they want to look for YouTube comments and I am sure that all the websites that we are mentioning here will help you a lot in doing the same.

YT Comment Finder

The first website that people can use to look for different comments is first youtube comment finder. You can easily open the website on any web browser and then, paste the link for the video that you need to look comments for. Once this is done, you can very easily search all the comments that you want. 


Another very awesome website that people can use to look for various comments is Hadzy. The website has a very simple and effective design that can be use by any person and you do not need to worry as the website is completely safe and legitimate. 

If you are not able to use the different websites that we are giving here then, you can also use Google extension to look for comments on different videos on YouTube. We suggest that you use the website Ityug247 to know the complete process with which you can use Google extension as a way to search comments. 

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